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Create your own vacation rental website with

Who said it was impossible to design your own vacation rental site. With the project, the renting of a house, or a room or a gite, the innkeeper will understand that he needs above all a website. Having a platform on the canvas allows the innkeeper to publish his proposals and make his business more profitable by making it available to all types of holidaymakers. It has become more common to look for accommodation and to set a reservation on the Net. However, it does not need to ruin itself to own a well-organized site.

The web designer with Lodgify

Logdify is an all-in-one software solution. All the required features of an accommodation booking site will be carried out by a single solution. There is first of all the vacation rental software which offers prototypes of website just to choose and to "copy". By having finished these two operations, the person in charge will choose the themes that he wants: colors, positioning of the contents, luminosity , In short an unlimited personalization with the design editor. After having touched the design of the platform, it is now time to make it dynamic.

Enjoy all the powers of the software

For an even more accessible platform, it would also be necessary to set up the languages ​​that the visitors can use for their visit, this is also contained in the same software. Moreover, it is very easy to propose a mobile version of the interface. But the most significant is to install the topic that records the reservations made by customers automatically. Once created, the site is ready for use. Lodgify software is a technology that offers freedom to users. Indeed, all people who want to create their own rental website can use their imagination and materialize using this software. They can load as many pictures, videos, maps as possible to illustrate each offer. Lodgify is a management system that facilitates the management of sites and the creation of new pages for the development of its business.

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